Traveling for entertainment, relaxation or recreational purposes is something that we all tend to enjoy on a regular basis. On the other hand, things can be a bit difficult at times when traveling with a toddler. Toddlers tend to be too small for certain amusement rides, too temperamental for entertainment endeavors such as movie theaters while lacking the energy for all-day excursions. There are many different options that are currently available, but parents will need to choose accordingly to take advantage of the benefits. Let’s dive into some of the available arenas that you, your toddler, and the whole family can enjoy.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a grand contender for toddler destinations, and here is why. This resort town will allow you and your toddler to explore outdoor adventure in a safe environment. First and foremost, there are miles of sandy beaches to enjoy, which is great for shell collecting and sandcastle building. The area has a nice boardwalk that’s kid-friendly, which connects to SkyWheel. This 187-foot Ferris wheel is ideal for children under the age of two, and it’s absolutely free of charge. Ripley’s Aquarium will give your toddler plenty of eye candy such as viewing tiger sharks. Brookgreen Gardens has acres of beautiful botanicals via a storybook forest and a butterfly house. 

Houston, Texas, is home to the Houston Zoo, which is great for toddlers to get an up-close and personal view of wild animals. Outdoor exhibits such as bird habitats, an African forest, and a petting zoo are all available. There’s a natural play area that will allow your toddler to roam around freely, dig into mud pits and create sculptors with sand. Riding carousels to viewing large fish aquariums are all on the menu.

Keystone, Colorado, is another toddler-friendly destination thanks to its live attractions. A ski vacation with the family will certainly bring a ton of joy. The world’s largest snow fort is found here, which is accessed by a gondola ride. Your toddler can enjoy slides, kids’ programming, free cookies, and mascots. There are also LEGO sets, games, and fireworks.

An honorable mention goes to either Walt Disney World in Florida or Walt Disney Land in California. These theme parks offer live shows of Disney characters, random fireworks displays, games, toddler-friendly rides, and much more.