Chris Janese

CEO at The Green Room

In today’s day and age, travel is talked up and about a lot. With influencers around every turn of the internet, you may start to think this whole travel thing is exploited just to develop a certain type of brand — and it certainly is, in many cases. But benefits of travel can’t be denied – no matter how annoyed one may be with the countless instagram accounts promising the future of living the life of a digital nomad. But Chris Janese knows well that travel is something that must be experienced to appreciate.

San Diego based entertainment professional and CEO of The Green Room, Chris is no stranger to great weather and beautiful sights – but travel isn’t simply about visiting nice places. For Chris, one of the most important aspects of travel in his life has been introducing his children to the positive effects it can have. “We have two daughters, and it’s always been important to me to take them on meaningful trips as often as we can and from as early of an age as we could.” 

Though Chris’ career certainly keeps him busy (and he can be found on his phone working from time to time) he has consistently made it a point to carve out days of the year that can be spent taking in the beauty of different parts of the world and spending time with his family.

Chris Janese’s professional career began after graduating from Belmont University with a BA in Business Administration and Music Business as an Executive Vice President at TBA Global. From there, he moved into a position as President at G&R Live where he served for over 13 years. 

One of Chris’ favorite parts about his career is the ability it allows him to channel his love for creativity and problem-solving. As a leader in private event planning, Chris has managed to secure a number of big name talents for a variety of clients. And while the people he has worked with are exciting to many, the names can’t really be shared because…well, they’re private. “It’s an interesting part about what I do – if you’re an event promoter you want as many people as possible to know about what you’re planning, but it’s essentially the opposite with what I do.” Chris continues. “That’s really the challenge of what we do – in the digital age, can anything really be private? It definitely keeps things interesting.”

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