Getting a family dog is a huge responsibility for everyone in the family. A dog is an extension of your family. They should be cared for, loved, and played with just like anyone else in the family! Training your new pup can bring a lot of new challenges. When thinking about training your family pup, the earlier you start the better. Although the saying “you can’t teach a dog new tricks” is not necessarily true, it is much easier to train a dog when they are very young. However you decide to train your new pup, it is important to remember a few key rules for proper dog training. 


It is incredibly important to establish house rules for your new pup. The entire family has to agree on what the dog can and cannot do in the house. If someone lets the dog on the couch but the rest of the family instructs the dog to stay off, the dog will be confused and teaching them will never work. Once the rules are established, stick with them and enforce them consistently. Over time, the pup will learn what it can and cannot do in the house. 

Private Space

Give the new addition to your family a spot of their own in the house. Although dogs are incredibly social creatures, they do need their alone time. Giving your dog his own place where they can be alone at any point in time is great for getting them to calm down. Make sure the pups spot is not inhabited by other pets you may have. 

Basic Commands

Teaching your dog to come when they are called is a basic command that should be taught promptly. This command will help establish your alpha status with the dog as well as reinforce the pup’s new name. Always reward successful commands with positive reinforcement or treats that the pup enjoys. Remember that mastering a command takes time and repetition. A dog’s attention span is very limited, so the time from a completed command and positive reinforcement should be immediate.

Consider A Trainer

Dogs can be difficult to teach when you have a busy family-life schedule. Consider hiring a trainer to come by once a week and give you tips and tricks to help you train your dog. Having the whole family present will benefit everyone.