The conflict about a travel destination is always prevalent as each member looks for what will make them happy. It becomes challenging for the family to reach a consensus since not many places are inclusive of all family members. Here are some of the Top US-based family travel destinations.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney has a place for everyone. The resort invigorates childhood memories with its thrilling rides and fun performance. Children will have a chance to play with their favorite characters. The place has other theme parks that teens and young adults enjoy. 


Yellowstone is the perfect place for families that love adventure. Located in 2.2 million acres of land, Yellowstone has lakes and stunning peaks that make it a paradise for outdoor activities. Adventurers like strolling in the river fall and watch the thrilling sights of the Old Faithful. Campers are catered for by the well-equipped campsites in the area.

Destin, Florida

The place has a lot of activities and sites that accommodate everyone. Destin is kid-friendly since it has loads of kids’ activities and a relaxing atmosphere. Adults visit the big Kahuna’s water or take an adventure to the lazy river and water slides.

The marine adventure park has a lot of penguins and dolphins, which people adore. Henderson beach state park and crystal beach is an excellent place to sit and enjoy a scenic view.

Grand Canyon in Arizona

A family can’t exhaust the countless activities and scenes in the Grand Canyon. The place is majorly known for its breathtaking scenery due to its scenic beauty. Adults and kids can go hiking along the bright angel trail ride on the railway. They can also decide to use a mule for a walk in North Rim. UNESCO listed the destination as a world heritage site, thus making it an ideal place to tour.

People no longer claim that they don’t have a destination for their family travel. The four places have all it takes to have. Besides, the activities in the sites are much more than a family would need for a trip.  

If you are planning a trip to any of these destinations, please check the state’s COVID-19 protocols before finalizing your vacation plans.