The world seems to open up more to travel and even as we battle a pandemic, as some people have just been reminded that life is short and most of them want to explore the world as much as they can (safely, of course). In that light, here are the top travel destinations for 2021.


Japan has been on the wish list for many travelers, but this time, many people have also put it on their bucket list for the year. Japan has a lot to offer, from fish villages to the big city Tokyo and the aesthetic Kyoto, you cannot run out of places to visit.


The picturesque country is surrounded by salt and pepper seas, evergreen fields, old towns with a rich heritage and so much more. Your inner child will awaken when you see the fairy trails and castles. There are beautiful rivers and cobbled streets that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale.


Italy is still a family-favorite European destination. Many families want trips to be both educational and fun; something that Italy can fully deliver on. Families can experience the Roman Empire in its full ancient glory. Apart from enjoying the sites, your children will enjoy being in the original land of traditional pizza.


Australia has quite the range if you have a type. There are beautiful sandy beaches near rich, blue waters, the famous outback, ranches, and farmland. You can take your family on a yacht to visit the great barrier reef or hike the red mountains.

Sydney is home to the famous opera house and a lot more urban activity you can partake in, as this country has so much to offer.

Sri Lanka

What this country lacks in size it makes up for in adventure. If there is one place where you wish to see a large number of elephants, this is the country to visit. The country has rolling mountains, national parks teeming with wild animals, and picturesque beaches.

Sri Lanka has a rich culture and different foods you and your family can explore.

South Africa

From the tabletop mountains of Drakensberg to the sandy beaches of Cape Town and the national reserves, South Africa is a family adventure waiting to be undertaken. Families can take safaris in the national parks and see the savanna while spotting some wild animals. There are also some pretty interesting places to learn about the country’s history and the fight against apartheid. You can also take a tour of the expansive vineyards with your family.