Times Square, where the sparkling Swarovski crystal ball descends every year from ten seconds to midnight, is one of the city’s most famous places to celebrate. For people who choose to come to NYC in person, be assured of near-impossible feats like hailing a taxi or finding an Uber, in addition to going over whatever spending budget you’ve allotted for the evening.

Watch the Times Square Ball Drop

This is the primary activity all the tourists flock to since it’s iconic. Most people watching TV don’t realize that the Times Square crowd has been standing there since early morning. They will fence you in, and you cannot leave the enclosure once inside, including running to the bathroom or eating food. Prepare to be standing for hours without access to a restroom or food. Another option is to pay crazy fees to eat at a chain restaurant in the area or book an expensive hotel room overlooking Times Square. 

Run a Race

If you want a healthy way to celebrate, the NYRR Midnight Run. is a four-mile run that starts in Central Park at the stroke of midnight. It is the perfect way to get started on your resolution to get healthier in 2023. Registration is under a hundred dollars and is open until December 31st.

Attend a Comedy Show

Who wouldn’t want to start out 2023 with a few chuckles after spending the previous two years the way we have? Caroline’s on Broadway, and The Stand will undoubtedly provide special New Year’s Eve performances. Booking your tables in advance is advised because these restaurants will sell out quickly.

Drink at a Cocktail Bar

If you want to dress up and act fancy without worrying about nightclub patrons spilling drinks on you, go to one of the many stylish lounges in New York. You’ll enjoy premium cocktails and canapés in an environment that will make all your Instagram pictures from the evening look stunning. What could be more enjoyable than watching the ball drop live from an igloo while taking in the iconic Manhattan skyline? One of the city’s most unusual ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly at Watermark’s Winter Wonderland. Booking a table will get you that iconic view, the live stream of Times Square, plus a chef’s tasting menu, an open bar, and a bit of Moet at your table!

Travel by dinner cruise

This option is more touristy, but it’s a cool way to see the city’s skyline and all the fireworks at midnight. You’ll likely have an open bar, amazing food, great music, and some of the best views! Book cruise tickets early, as they sell out fast. Leave plenty of time to commute to the docks for your cruise. They depart on time and won’t come back to collect you if you’re late.