Whether you live somewhere in California or you’re just visiting, there are countless incredible museums worth checking out all across the state. From art to science, technology, and history, California offers a myriad of unique museum experiences that anyone would benefit from checking out. Here are some of the best museums to visit in California.

Museum of Western Film History – Lone Pine

The Lone Pine Museum of Western Film History is located in the Alabama Hills, which is home to the filming of hundreds of movies and television shows over the years. In addition to the museum’s film memorabilia, you can also explore Movie Road, which was used for several films such as Iron Man, Star Trek V, and Gladiator. If you’re a film buff, you won’t regret checking out this museum.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is located off Union Square and offers a breathtaking view of the city. With over 30,000 works of art on display, it’s easy to see why this museum is regarded as one of the most prominent modern art museums in the world. One of the most interesting features of this museum is its Living Wall, which features 19,000 plants that are native to the Bay Area.

MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration & Innovation – Santa Barbara

The design of Santa Barbara’s hands-on museum, which is known for its playful spirit, is evident from the outside. Inside, the museum is designed to allow kids to explore various topics such as magnetism, sound, and speed. One of the most popular areas of the museum is the giant guitar, where kids can learn how these wonderful instruments make the sounds they do. This is a must-visit if you have young children.

USS Midway Museum – San Diego

The location of this museum is right in the middle of San Diego, which is home to a large naval fleet. Inside the aircraft carrier, you can explore the various areas of the vessel, such as the jail, engine room, and sleeping quarters. The Battle of Midway Theater is also a must-visit area. In addition to this, you can also take a virtual-reality ride in one of the museum’s flight simulators.

Computer History Museum – Mountain View

The Computer History Museum, which is located in Santa Clara County, is an amazing museum that showcases the history of high tech. It features galleries that are designed to provide visitors with a variety of interactive experiences. One of the most popular areas of the museum is the interactive section, where visitors can try their hand at coding.