When on vacation, basking in the sun is fun and relaxing. Kids enjoy their games in the balmy weather while exposing their skins to the direct heat from the sun. Parents need to be sharp-eyed during such vacays since the sun’s exposure could harm their children. Exposing kids to the sun rays before 18 years could result in cancer, which is more harmful at a younger age. When traveling, especially with kids, sun protection should be a priority. Here are tips to guide individuals in becoming sun-responsible during their vacays:

Protective clothing

The first roadblock to protecting one’s skin from the sun’s heat is protective clothing. During vacations, the kids must wear the right kind of clothing. Instead of using sunscreen or other chemicals that may be harmful to the kids, make sure to cover them well and only expose body parts like hands and legs. It also saves one the trouble of reapplying sunscreen. When selecting the clothes to carry for the kids, ensure it is the right apparel, including hats, protecting them from the direct heat.

Make the right selection

When shopping for sunscreen, one can be spoilt for choice due to the numerous marketing gimmicks surrounding them. Individuals should know what they are looking for and avoid sunscreen with strong chemicals harmful to their kids. Ensure to check the labels and go for the SPF 30 or higher ones, water-resistant and broad-spectrum. Go for sunscreens for kids instead of using adult sunscreen on the children. Avoid sunscreens with ingredients like octocrylene and oxybenzone since they can be easily absorbed in kids’ skins.

Appropriate application

Once individuals identify the perfect sunscreen for their kids, they should be keen on the application to enjoy a positive outcome. Ensure to apply enough sunscreen to protect the child’s skin from the sun’s rays. One should also reapply frequently for the best results. It is advised to keep reapplying the sunscreen every two hours during the vacation.

Final thoughts

People want to enjoy their vacays during the sunny and balmy weather. However, it is essential to have hawk’s eyes when on vacation with kids. The highlights above point out the simplest ways of protecting the kids’ skins when on vacation to avoid extreme exposure to the sun, which may be harmful to them.