The cost of an average family vacation to Disney World is a minimum of $5,000. Most families quickly spend over $6,000 on a Disney World vacation. There are a few areas where it’s possible to save some money. The internet is full of secret freebie suggestions, and numerous forums and websites are dedicated to helping travelers save money at the House of Mouse.  

Park Admission

The most important thing to learn about Disney parks is the ticketing and reservation system. Decide when you plan on visiting, then check for park availability for those days. Park entrance is only possible with a ticket combined with a reservation. If you purchase tickets but do not reserve a specific day, you risk not gaining entry into the park, regardless of ticket ownership. Avoid visiting Disney at peak times to increase the chances of getting reservation availability and lower ticket prices. January, August, and September are the three cheapest months to visit Disney World. 

Once you decide on your dates and make your reservations, you can purchase a single park per day or hop to a second park in the afternoon. Park hopper tickets are more expensive and might not be worth the added cost. Depending on your party’s trip plans, visiting one park per day might be enough. In 2023, a 3-day non-park-hopper (one park for one day) is estimated to be approximately $395. 

The Shades of Green resort offers reduced travel and lodging for those in the armed forces. Florida residents are also eligible for a discount. Additionally, yearly passes and subsidized tickets for individual use are available to Floridians.


When budgeting, it is easy to forget how much money goes toward food and beverages. Food is costly at Disney World. Expect to pay around $15 per person per meal. Add-ons include $5-10 snacks, water, and desserts throughout the day. Disney allows for outside food to be brought in, leaving a host of options prior to starting the day. When water is over $4 a bottle, there is a chance to save plenty by bringing in a refillable option.


Disney has several tiers of resorts that are considered on-property resorts. They offer different perks, depending on how much a visitor wants to spend. The main advantage of staying at a resort is the extra hour to reserve a place in line through the free MyGenie application. Visitors wanting to skip long lines at specific attractions might see this as a worthwhile benefit.