Sometimes, hiding the simple things from our kids can feel like an impossible task. They are quick to call out when something seems off.

Being scared is normal for adults in this world. However, hiding our fears from our kids can only cause confusion and frustration.

If your kids don’t have enough details about the events that are happening in the world, they might interpret them in a way that they don’t understand. This is why it’s important to support them and ease their anxiety.

Here are a few tips for explaining world events to your kids.

Always Stay Calm

Even the youngest kids can pick up on the feelings of their parents. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when things aren’t going well around you.

It’s important to maintain a calm and steady-state of mind to help your kids feel less overwhelmed. Try to keep their routines as normal as possible.

Provide The Facts

Being dishonest with your kids about world events can create a distrustful relationship. Instead of hiding the details, provide them with facts that are related to the situation. This will make them feel valued and knowledgeable.

Help Them Process Their Feelings

During times of fear, children might feel that they have lost control. Having a clear understanding of what’s happening can help them manage their anxiety. For instance, talking about what’s happening around the world can help them feel safe and prepared.

Let Them Ask Questions

Encourage them to ask questions that they can think of, such as “What is this scary thing about?” or “What do you feel like?” They should also ask questions that are related to their emotions.

Instead of hiding their fears, try to approach them honestly and lovingly. According to the American Psychological Association, it’s important to watch for signs of stress such as negative changes in behavior, or trouble interacting with loved ones. Most of all, remember to remind your kids that you’ll get through these difficult times together, as a family.