Parenting a sensitive child can be a bumpy road full of confusion, frustration, and unexpected breakdowns. But despite these daily challenges, you still love your seed unconditionally and yearn to give them the care and support they need to live a fulfilling life both now and far into the future. Here are a few things to know about your sensitive child and how you can go about providing a better lifestyle for them.

Tough Love Isn’t the Answer

If you aren’t particularly sensitive yourself, you might try to remedy your child’s nature by force-feeding them a heavy dose of bitter truths. Unfortunately, doing so can cause lasting damage to their emotional state and how they view the world. They might even begin to feel unsafe around you, becoming more and more distant as a form of protection.

Just because tough love is out of the picture, doesn’t mean that you have to coddle your child or shield them from the truth. Instead, try speaking from a place of compassion and understanding, especially if the news that you are delivering isn’t ideal. Follow up by checking in to see how you can comfort them and help them get through their tough times.

A Bit of Reassurance Will Go a Long Way

Sensitive children worry about things that other kids wouldn’t give a second thought about, making them both anxiety-ridden and often full of questions. In fact, as they are so affected by everything around them, they tend to have a constant need for reassurance and clarity; give it to them. The more you open up the channels of communication, the more you will ease their concerns.

Their Boundaries Are Unique But Must Be Honored

Trying to force your highly sensitive child out of their shell might sound like a solid plan, but your attempts will likely draw the opposite effect. You might even cause them to resent you or completely withdraw from social settings. Allow them to move at a pace that is comfortable for them, and they will blossom sooner than you think.

You won’t become an expert at raising highly sensitive children overnight. There will be bad days and misunderstandings that seem to come out of nowhere. Be as patient with yourself as you are with your child, and before long, their needs will become something that you can effortlessly provide.