Family vacations are a great way to disconnect and spend time together. It’s a great way to teach your kids about other cultures and experience new things in life. But choosing the destination can be challenging. The right destination is key to a great trip and crucial for the memories you will create. The following tips can help alleviate some of the stress of finding the perfect destination for your next family vacation!


Budget is one of the most significant factors when choosing a destination for your family vacation. Between the accommodations, flights, food, drinks, and spending money, the cost of any trip can add up quickly. Without a budget, the cost of your trip can quickly balloon and become unattainable. Families often choose to travel “off-season” to extend their budget as far as possible. It’s also important to plan for unexpected expenses that may arise during your planning and on your trip!

Distance Traveled

Whether by car, train, or plane, the distance traveled will play a significant role in choosing your family’s destination. Some families only want to travel a few hours from their home, so they look at more local destinations like trips to a new city, the beach, or the mountains. Others look to travel further and take alternative means to get there. If you’re planning on traveling long distances, it’s essential to factor in travel days and days of rest.


Before finalizing your destination, it’s important to ask everyone what they would like to do. Be prepared for everyone to say something different! Make a list of the top activities; hiking, swimming, theme parks, historical sites, and find something that matches most of the list. While it’s impossible to find a destination that offers everything, there are many options for every family! 

Time of Year

Is there a specific event at the destination you’ve been considering that you want to attend? This should be considered during your planning and choosing a destination. While going to a specific event will mean unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, it also means more tourists, and more expensive tickets and accommodations. If you are not looking at something specific, consider booking during shoulder season, the period between peak and off-peak, or off-peak season. Not only will this help with your budget, but it could mean the destination is less crowded.