If you’re looking for a world-class city to take the whole family to, then the Canadian metropolis of Toronto might just fit the bill. Going there with your kids might just be the family trip you all remember the rest of your lives.

Toronto is one of the most interesting places to visit throughout all of Canada. It’s the biggest city in the nation and has many family-friendly experiences awaiting you and your kin. From globally renowned museums to outdoor activities, your family can learn history, watch sports, or go shopping.

The city of Toronto is perhaps the most multicultural city in the world. This is because roughly half the overall population was born outside Canada’s borders.

The many neighborhoods of Toronto are representations of almost every culture from around the world. You would think this makes Toronto a melting pot, but it’s not. This city has a distinct identity all its own.

Toronto is a great place to visit with a family because it is one of the safest metropolitan centers across the entire continent of North America. Six million people call this region around Lake Ontario home.

The CN Tower is definitely worth a visit if you want to show your kids something that they haven’t seen before. Standing over 1,800 feet tall, this tower rises hundreds of feet over the surrounding skyline. An observation platform offers views like nothing else within hundreds of miles. There’s also a restaurant up here with unbeatable views.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is also located in Toronto where fans of the game can experience pieces of memorabilia and history or just learn more about the sport. Basketball fans should definitely check out a Toronto Raptors game if they come during the season. This franchise brought the NBA championship trophy to Canada for the first time only a few seasons ago.

Lake Ontario features many family-oriented activities. Spend time relaxing and splashing in the water at one of the many local beaches. Likewise, visit some of the islands in the lake to see nature untouched and beautiful. You can even sail around the harbor on a boat tour that lets you see Toronto as few others do. This world-class city has plenty to see and do for a family willing to visit.