A trip to the beach can be a fun and relaxing activity for the whole family. But getting the most out of a family vacation isn’t always easy to do. Vacations often feel like they pass by in an instant. But following a few select tips can help any family maximize the fun of a beach trip.

Tip #1

The first tip to follow is to ensure that all the proper essentials are packed. This includes hats for every family member, enough sunscreen to go around, sunglasses, bathing suits, cover-ups, water shoes, and possibly even bug spray. Take a plastic bag to keep phones and other electronic devices clean and dry while on the beach.

Tip #2

The second tip to follow is to make reservations at a family-friendly hotel. These hotels are more likely to provide on-site activities for kids. And families that spring for a resort will find that virtually everything they need is included.

Tip #3

When it is time to head to the beach, the third tip is to bring beach toys for each child, but keep it to a minimum. It is best to plan activities ahead of time. This also makes it easier to know which toys to bring and which ones to leave behind.

Tip #4

Many public beaches offer water activities that parents and kids can participate in together. For example, it may be fun to take the family on a whale watching tour. Other activities offered may include snorkeling, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, and even fishing.

Tip #5

The next tip is to ensure that the whole family is safe while spending time outdoors in the summer heat. The sun is at its hottest from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. This makes it a perfect time to take a break from the sun and spend some time indoors. Some families take advantage of this time of day for naps to be taken. Others use it as an excuse to have a leisurely lunch or spend time shopping or browsing in a museum.

Following these tips can make any family beach vacation more enjoyable. Knowing how to get the most out of leisure time while doing so safely is a gift that the whole family benefits from.