It’s no secret that kids only want to eat things that are fried, sweet, or salty. But when you’re traveling, that isn’t always an option. Trying new foods is a part of the excitement that comes with traveling. Whether it’s a shrimp head or biting into a crispy tarantula, helping your child become an adventurous eater while traveling will make mealtimes much easier in other countries.

Expose Them at a Young Age

Start adding new and different flavors and different cuisines to your children at a young age. Making your kids try what your eating is another great way to give them a taste of something that might be a little spicier or different to their pallet. You don’t have to force them to eat a lot of it, but giving them a taste might open them up to finding something new they might not have liked before.

Timing is Everything

If your child is in a bad mood, don’t force them to try something new. It’s the same for adults. When we aren’t in the mood, we are less open to trying new things. If you are introducing them to something new in a new location, they might already be stressed out because they are out of their geographic comfort zone. Choose your time wisely to make sure your child will be happy and excited to try something new!

Repetition is Key

Kids aren’t always going to love a new food the first time they take a bite, but don’t give up! They often need to be exposed to food multiple times before they’ll accept it as something they enjoy. It’s also crucial to show them how much you like the same dish when you make it. Repetition is key when it comes to eating something new!

Find Similar Foods

Cuisines vary from state to state and country to country, but there are always going to be items that crossover. Whether it’s dumplings, pizza, or burgers, finding them dishes that they are used to eating but might have a spice twist or a different ingredient in them is a simple way to introduce them to a new cuisine in a different country.

Introducing new foods, preparations, and cuisines to your kids at home is a great way to bridge the gap when you are traveling. With these tips, you will be able to help your kids become culinary titans and allow them to enjoy new foods with each new location they visit!