It is undeniable that COVID-19 has had a profound effect on travel. Nevertheless, according to Airbnb, 2021 promises to revive travel trends, and international flights and long-distance travel will continue. However, many of these flights will be less for tourism than to reconnect with family and friends in a safe, controlled way.

Travel Trends

According to a recent Airbnb survey, many people are ready to move as new travel trends have started. Among these travel trends are these popular choices:

      • 83% are willing to relocate as part of working remotely.
      • 25% believe that they can work remotely from anywhere that they move.
      • 60% of parents are willing to consider remote work if schools continue remote education. This work would allow them to move.
      • More of Generation Z and millennials believe that they can relocate and work or study remotely.


When questioned about taking vacations, over half of those surveyed by Airbnb responded that they prefer to take trips closer to home than long-distance sojourns. Another preference for travel is uniting with relatives. In this survey by Airbnb, 85% of those questioned favor both temporary and permanent relocation to be close to their families. Despite travel restrictions in many countries, over one-third of travelers hope to travel frequently—those working from their home dream of traveling even more (47%).

Since many are reluctant to travel too far, families choose to reconnect with their local history and culture. For one thing, this reconnection makes it easier for them to adhere to physical distancing policies. The positive result of close-to-home travel is the revival of the local economy as people support local businesses by visiting lesser-known destinations.

European Travel

Another family travel trend is visiting lesser-known areas, such as the European countries of Croatia and Slovenia. Endorsed by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) safe travel stamp, trips to these countries offered by Trafalgar Travel afford travelers the beauty of the gorgeous landscapes, the lakes and waterfalls, the gardens and lakes of the capital of Vilnius, and the imposing Roman, Gothic and Baroque architecture.

With a national park and castles, there are more than a thousand little islands to explore. Croatia is known as the “Jewel of the Adriatic Sea,” a beautiful body of water. One of these is Korcula Island, where a national park and castles are impressive sites. On some islands, such as Korcula Island, there are ancient caves and paintings.